Y. Kaneko1
S. W. Bang1
K. Michiba1
K. Tonosaki1
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Low temperature at the booting stage of rice causes male sterility resulting in severe yield loss. Cold tolerance has long been an important objective in rice breeding. We identified a quantitative trait locus (QTL) for cold tolerance on the long arm of chromosome 3 from the cold-tolerant breeding line ‘Ukei 840’ by using F2 and BC1F2 populations from(More)
A hybridization barrier leads to the inability of seed formation after intergeneric crossings between Brassica rapa and Raphanus sativus. Most B. rapa lines cannot set intergeneric hybrid seeds because of embryo breakdown, but a B. rapa line obtained from turnip cultivar ‘Shogoin-kabu’ is able to produce a large number of hybrid seeds as a maternal parent(More)
A prediction program to calculate thermochemical data, such as enthalpy of formation for organic compounds, is implemented in an APL environment. APL's multi-dimensional array is best matched to chemical atom's multivalency property.APL2 can achieve powerful scientific computaion with dynamic array access and complex number processing. The coding effort is(More)
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