T. Ninagawa

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We examined the effects of the transparent fibroin film (silk film) on full-thickness skin wounds. Full-thickness dermatotomies (15 mm x 9 mm) were prepared on the dorsal wall of CRJ:CD-1 nu/nu (ICR nu/nu) mice. The area of the wounds dressed with silk film was reduced to 10% of that made by the dermatotomy 14 days after the dermatotomy and were covered(More)
Intracellular ice crystal formation (IIF) causes several problems to cryopreservation, and it is the key to developing improved cryopreservation techniques that can ensure the long-term preservation of living tissues. Therefore, the ability to capture clear intracellular freezing images is important for understanding both the occurrence and the IIF(More)
In this paper, we verify practical effectiveness of ANC systems using the perturbation method with a correlation removal filter. Many microphones are generally needed to pick up all noise signals where some noise signals are simultaneously controlled in more spacious space. Therefore, the noise signals give correlations between reference signals and then(More)
It has recently been demonstrated that prostaglandins play an important role in human reproductive system. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the involvement of PGs in the onset of menstruation and in the cause of dysmenorrhea. In human endometrium PGF2 alpha were found in large amount in late luteal phase and especially in premenstrual period.(More)
As an indicator of fetal well being, the urinary estriol value is widely utilized. But the discrepancy between the results of NST and urinary estriol value has recently been pointed out. The estimation of plasma estriol is also recommended as a more reliable means of fetal assessment than that of urinary estriol. The purpose of the study is to clarify the(More)
ONO-802 was infused into the uterine cavity for the termination of early pregnancy in 45 healthy volunteers. Forty two (93%) of the 45 cases had complete abortions and two had incomplete abortions. Nine (20%) of the 45 volunteers complained of nausea, 7 (16%) vomited and 5 (11%) complained of abdominal pain. Neither diarrhea nor weakness was observed. These(More)