T. Nguyen

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Wang and Mendel proved (1991) that fuzzy systems with product inference, cen-troid defuzziication, and everywhere positive membership functions (in particular, Gaus-sians, Wang, 1992) are capable of approximating any real continuous control function on a compact set to arbitrary accuracy. Kosko (1992) proved that fuzzy systems, in which membership functions(More)
| Logical inference starts with concluding that if B implies A, and B is true, then A is true as well. To describe probabilistic inference rules, we must therefore deene the probability of an implication \A if B". There exist two diierent approaches to deening this probability, and these approaches lead to diierent probabilistic inference rules: We may(More)
In fuzzy logic, every word or phrase describing uncertainty is represented by a real number from the interval 0; 1]. There are only denu-merable many words and phrases, and continuum many real numbers; thus, not every real number corresponds to some commonsense degree of uncertainty. In this paper, for several fuzzy logic, we describe which numbers are(More)
Wireless local area networks (WLAN) are increasingly deployed because of the freedom wireless communications afford and the decreasing costs of the underlying technology. Together with its higher and higher popularity, the Internet has also shown more and more weakness of wireless protocols that lead to attacks. There are a lot of efforts to improve the(More)
In most applications involving wireless sensor networks, each sensor collects data in the surrounding area, and sends to a central node for processing. To extend network lifetime in such cases, the sensors could be partitioned into groups which are successively scheduled to be active for sensing and delivering data. Each group covers (almost) the entire(More)
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