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In this paper, we introduce a robotic implementation of the theory of graph grammars (Klavins et al., 2005), which we use to model and direct self-organization in a formal, predictable and provably-correct fashion. The robots, which we call programmable parts, float passively on an air table and bind to each other upon random collisions. Once attached, they(More)
Consistency techniques are an e cient way of tackling constraint satisfaction problems (CSP). In particular, various arc-consistency algorithms have been designed such as the time optimal AC-4 sequential algorithm of Mohr and Henderson [8]. In this paper, we present a new distributed arc-consistency algorithm, called DisAC-4. DisAC-4 is based on AC-4, and(More)
The large commercial success of multiband multimode 3-generation cellular products has driven single-chip integration, SAW-filter reduction and low power consumption. State-of-the-art solutions require quad-band EGSM combined with multiband WCDMA/HSPA receiver diversity and integrated GPS. Compact form factors make single-chip SAW-less solutions highly(More)
BACKGROUND Rubella remains poorly controlled in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to characterize rubella virus spread in Vietnam during 2011-2012. STUDY DESIGN Amniotic fluid, throat swab and placenta samples were collected from 130 patients (110 cases from pregnant women with suspected rubella and 20 cases from(More)
Transient receptor potential melastatin 3 (TRPM3) cation channels are ubiquitously expressed by multiple cells and have an important regulatory role in calcium-dependent cell signalling to help maintain cellular homeostasis. TRPM3 protein expression has yet to be determined on Natural Killer (NK) cells and B lymphocytes. Multiple single nucleotide(More)
We describe the design and implementation of a workbench for computational geometry. We discuss issues arising from this implementation, including comparisons of different algorithms for constant factors, code size, and ease of implementation. The workbench is not just a library of computational geometry algorithms and data structures, but is designed as a(More)
Conventional block-based video coding with subpixel motion compensation, requires a large pool of memory for storing up-sampled reference frames. The size of this memory for many applications, especially for encoding high definition source materials is a major design consideration. In this paper, the concept of reciprocal block matching is introduced based(More)
The nodulin-23 gene of soybean is one of the most abundantly transcribed genes induced during symbiosis with Rhizobium. Using a plasmid (pNod25) from a nodule cDNA library, we have isolated the nodulin-23 gene from a soybean genomic library. Nucleotide sequence analysis of the cDNA and of the genomic clone indicated that the coding region of this gene is(More)