T. Nguyen-Thoi

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A carefully designed procedure is presented to modify the piecewise constant strain field of linear triangular FEM models, and to reconstruct a strain field with an adjustable parameter a. A novel Galerkin-like weakform derived from the Hellinger–Reissner variational principle is proposed for establishing the discretized system equations. The new weak form(More)
Recently, an improved (l + k) constrainted differential evolution (ICDE) has been proposed and proven to be robust and effective for solving constrainted optimization problems. However, so far, the ICDE has been developed mainly for continuous design variables, and hence it becomes inappropriate for solving layout truss optimization problems which contain(More)
Structural optimization with frequency constraints is well known as a highly nonlinear and complex optimization problem with many local optimum solutions. Therefore, to solve such problems effectively, designers need to use adequate optimization methods which can make a good balance between the computational cost and the quality of solutions. In this work,(More)
Recently, a Sequential Optimization and Reliability Assessment (SORA) method was proposed and proven to be effective for solving reliability-based design optimization (RBDO) problems. In the SORA, the optimization loop and the reliability assessment loop are decoupled from each other. This helps improve the efficiency of the SORA significantly. However, the(More)