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A total of 3000 men living in Yamaguchi were screened for glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency using Beutler's spot test and three types of starch gel electrophoresis. These electrophoresis used a phosphate buffer system at pH 7.0, a TRIS-EDTA-borate buffer system at pH 8.6, and a TRIS-hydrochloride buffer system at pH 8.8. Fifteen(More)
The first example of a deletion of one of the two gamma globin genes has been characterized through an analysis of the DNA of the heterozygous parent of a homozygous newborn, using restriction endonuclease mapping techniques. A deletion of approximately 5 kb was observed which was probably caused by an unequal crossing-over between the -G gamma- and -A(More)
The occurrence of the AγT chain (i.e. Aγ75 Ile→ Thr) in different populations was evaluated through a study of 4250 cord blood samples and blood samples from more than 350 SS1 patients. High frequencies were observed in Italy, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Holland, but also in Japan, Vietnam, and India. The chain is (nearly) absent in the Black population of Ghana(More)
  • T. Nakatsuji
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  • 2006
Thymectomy is an inevitable therapy for thymoma. Therefore, determining hemato-immune changes post-thymectomy is important. Twenty-six normal LEW/Sea rats thymectomized (Tx) at the ages of 38 +/- 5 days were followed without any treatment for 4 months (experiments [Exp] A and B). In addition, 16 LEW/Sea rats Tx at the age of 42 days (Exp C and D) and 10(More)
We have examined the α globin gene complex for 49 individuals with α-thalassemia-2 (−α3.7). Crossovers resulting in α-thalassemia-2 (type I) were observed in all 57 chromosomes with the −α3.7 defect. Except for one α-thalassemia-2 chromosome, all were linked to the absence of an Rsa I restriction site located 0.7 kb 5′ to the α2-globin gene; this(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the cause of thymoma connected with renal amyloid beta (Abeta) overproduction. DESIGN AND METHODS Pathologic, immune-fluorescence analyses, flow cytometry (FCM) analyses, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and reverse transcriptase (RT)-PCR were applied for tailless and tailed Lewis/Sea rat siblings at the age of 6 months. RESULTS(More)
The causative mechanisms of lung cancers producing salivary-type amylase (S-Amy) were hypothesized from clinical and pathological analysis of lung cancers. A total of 260 Japanese patients who received lung lobectomy or segmentectomy during the last 4 years at Hamamatsu University Hospital, Japan, were objective patients in this study. Among the 260(More)
To investigate the increased expression of activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID) in vascular diseases, 379 Japanese and 2 non-Japanese composed of 87 varix, 81 arteriosclerosis obliterans (ASO), 206 aortic aneurysm (AA), and 7 venous thrombosis (VT) patients, whose ages were ranged from 60.7 ± 13.3 to 74.5 ± 8.8 years old, were analyzed clinically.(More)
A total of 246 Japanese composed of 121 with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and 125 with prostatic cancer (PCa) were analyzed clinically to explain fusion gene anomalies between erythroblast transformation-specific family transcription factor-related gene (ERG) and transmembrane protease serine 2 (TMPRSS2) on chromosome 21q22. Among the 246 cases, 12(More)
Thirty-two normal LEW/Sea rats were transplanted a piece of syngeneic pancreas between the peritoneum and abdominal muscle. Among them, 17 (68%) of the 25 rats that received pancreatic transplantation at 41-50 days of age had a surviving beta-cell mass at 5.5-7.1 months after transplantation. Among the 25 rats, 12 rats injected with interleukin-1 receptor(More)