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The psychology of infertile women was investigated with a battery of psychological tests consisting of a semistructured interview, State Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI), Center for Epidemiologic Studies Depression Scale (CES-D), and Cornell Medical Index (CMI). The subjects were 107 infertile women being treated for infertility. The semistructured interviews(More)
This study assessed the diagnostic potential of the actigraph, the Continuous Performance Test, and the Matching Familiar Figures Test in diagnosing attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Twenty boys previously diagnosed with ADHD and 52 controls were examined. By these measures the boys with ADHD were differentiated from the controls with(More)
A total of 97 patients with eating disorders who visited the Department of Neuro-Psychiatry, Yamagata University Hospital, between 1978 and 1992 were studied. According to the diagnostic criteria of DSM-III-R, there were 48 cases of anorexia nervosa (AN). 38 cases of bulimia nervosa (BN) and 11 cases with both AN and BN. Both the number of patients and the(More)
In order to explore an association between psychiatric disorders and employment level, 283 local government officials in Japan were asked to complete a questionnaire consisting of a series of psychometric scales. The Daily Hassles Scale, General Health Questionnaire and Burnout Scale were used to measure stress, psychiatric disorders and burnout syndrome,(More)
Four patients of delusional disorder, somatic type, were treated with clomipramine 60-120 mg/day. All patients showed marked clinical improvement after 27-57 days of clomipramine treatment. In one case, previous treatments by various antipsychotic drugs including pimozide had been unsuccessful. This report suggests that clomipramine is effective at least(More)
We surveyed a group of 311 nurses and 283 mid-level government administrators in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan, to determine the prevalence and character of their headaches. We investigated the relationship of headaches to the subjects' stress, and their behavior and coping patterns. The questionnaire we administered explored background factors, as well as the(More)
To explore factors contributing to maternity blues, a longitudinal study was carried out on a group of 111 women who received obstetric care at Yamagata University Hospital from November 1994 to August 1995. Cases of maternity blues were found using Stein's Self-Rating Maternity Blues Scale. Mother-child relationships in the women's childhood were assessed(More)
To explore a possible association between climacteric symptoms and ways of coping with stress, a comparative study was conducted among 19 menopausal women who sought treatment for climacteric symptoms (the study group) and 44 healthy menopausal women (the control group). Life stress was assessed using a life event method in which factor analysis extracted(More)
The prevalence rates of mood disorders according to the DSM- III -R criteria in the community elderly were investigated with structured interviews conducted by psychiatrists. The subjects were 1,965 randomly selected residents aged 65 years or more who lived in Nagai City, Japan. In the first phase, a questionnaire including the short form of the Geriatric(More)
The psychological state of 102 infertile women undergoing in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer was investigated. The levels of anxiety were measured by the state trait anxiety inventory and the manifest anxiety scale. The process of accepting infertility and attitudes toward treatment were explored by a semistructured interview. The mean score of(More)