T. N. Zagumennikova

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A comparative cytogenetic study of two introduced forms of Makleaya cordata (Willd.) R. Br. = syn. Bocconia cordata Willd. grown in different ecological and geographical regions (Moscow and Donetsk areas) was carried out. In the study, a complex of methods utilizing various chromosomal markers, i.e., C- and DAPI-banding technique, fluorescence in situ(More)
Using a set of methods (C-banding, DAPI-staining, fluorescence hybridization in situ (FISH) with probes of 26S and 5S rDNA, and analysis of meiosis), the first comparative cytogenetic study of three species of Macleaya, producers of complex isoquinoline alkaloids, cordate Macleaya cordata (Willd.) R. Br. (2n = 20), small-fruited Macleaya microcarpa (Maxim.)(More)
The aim of this study was to determine the accumulation of antioxidants at аn early stage of development of organs of P. incarnata L. plants grown in greenhouses (medicinal aromatic plants were used for comparison), as well as to evaluate the effect of biostimulant Albit. The use of amperometric and biochemical methods made it possible to measure and(More)
A comparative cytogenetic study of the autotetraploid breed of Matricaria chamomilla L. (M. recutita L.) and Matricaria inodora L. was carried out by DAPI-banding, fluorescent hybridization in situ (FISH) with 26S and 5S rDNA probes, and analysis of meiosis. All chromosomes were identified in both karyotypes on the basis of DAPI-banding images and 26S and(More)
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