T. N. Prabakar

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  • V Jagannaveen, T Prabakar, J Venkata Suman, P Devi Pradeep
  • 2010
Adaptive Filtering is a widely researched topic in the present era of communications. When the received signal is continuously corrupted by noise where both the received signal and noise change continuously, then arises the need for adaptive filtering. The heart of the adaptive filter is the adaptive algorithm. This paper deals with cancellation of noise on(More)
Noise reduction in speech applications has a significant amount of research for several decades. The ultimate goal of the speech signal processing research is to develop systems which can perform well in noisy environments. The main objective of this research work is to obtain a clean speech signal of higher quality by applying the optimal noise(More)
The paper focuses on the design and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation of embedded system for time based dual encryption scheme with Delay Compulsion Function (DCF) and also illustrates the application of DCF in time based cryptography. Further, the strength of the time based FPGA encryption algorithm with and without using DCF is analyzed(More)
In Wireless Sensor Networks, potential sink selection and sink movements are costly in terms of node energy. In this paper, we propose K-Partitioned Minimum Depth Tree using the optimal search in Placing Optimal Number of Sinks in Sensor Networks for improving the Network Lifetime Maximization. Initially the optimal number of sinks is determined using the(More)
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