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The objective of these studies was to determine if dietary enzymes increase the digestibility of nutrients bound by nonstarch polysaccharides, such as arabinoxylans, or phytate in wheat millrun. Effects of millrun inclusion rates (20 or 40%), xylanase (0 or 4,375 units/kg of feed), and phytase (0 or 500 phytase units/kg of feed) on nutrient digestibility(More)
Wheat by-products are feedstuffs that vary in nutritional value, partly because of arabinoxylans that limit nutrient digestibility. Millrun is a byproduct from dry milling wheat into flour and contains varying amounts of the bran, middlings, screening, and shorts fractions. The digestible nutrient content of mill-run is not well known. Effects of xylanase(More)
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