T.N. Janakiraman

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A novel graph theoretic approach for image segmentation is presented in this paper. The image to be segmented is subjected to background elimination and then represented as an undirected weighted graph G. Each pixel is considered as one vertex of the graph and the edges are drawn based on the 8-connectivity of the pixels. The weights are assigned to the(More)
Insect behavioral studies are time consuming but essential in pest management. Tracking different kinds of insects is an integral part of these studies. In this paper, we present a new approach to track multiple insects especially the larva which is elastomeric in nature. This study demonstrates the use of image processing techniques for segmenting insects,(More)
In the present study, attempts are made to capture and track coconut black headed caterpillar, Opisina arenosella and its parasitoid, Goniozus nephantidis with respect to their path and orientation. We devised an automatic tracking system using Artificial Neural Network for tracking both insects. The tracking system is based on the extracted features of the(More)
A mobile ad hoc is a kind of wireless communication network that does not rely on a fixed infrastructure. Clustering of MANET is a vital factor since it forms a virtual backbone of the network. A K-hop weighted dominated clustering algorithm is proposed in this paper. Weights of the nodes are calculated using ranking procedure. Simulation of the results(More)
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