T N Gravesen

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BACKGROUND Microbial pectin and pectate lyases are virulence factors that degrade the pectic components of the plant cell wall. The homogalacturan backbone of pectin varies in its degree of methylation from the highly methylated and relatively hydrophobic form known as pectin, to the fully demethylated and highly charged form known as pectate. Methylated(More)
An algorithm for deconvolution of medical ultrasound images is presented. The procedure involves estimation of the basic one-dimensional ultrasound pulse, determining the ratio of the covariance of the noise to the covariance of the reflection signal, and finally deconvolution of the rf signal from the transducer. Using pulse and covariance estimators makes(More)
Crystals of arabinofuranosidase C purified from Aspergillus niger strain 3M43 have been obtained by vapour diffusion. The crystal belongs to the space group P2(1) with cell parameters a = 44.28, b = 71.99, c = 45.27 A and beta = 105.98 degrees with one molecule in the asymmetric unit. The X-ray diffraction pattern of these crystals extends to at least 2.20(More)
The major secreted pectin lyase (E.C. from Aspergillus niger, strain 4M-147, has been purified and crystallized by the hanging-drop method using polyethylene glycol as precipitant. The crystals belong to the space group P2(1)2(1)2(1) with cell dimensions a = 45.2, b = 83.2, c = 93.1 A (1 A = 0.1 nm) and a single molecule in the asymmetric unit.(More)
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