T N Belyakova

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A computational technique is proposed for the analysis and design optimization of inductive-type superconducting fault current limiters (SFCL) with variable impedance for power systems application. The technique is applicable for a wide range of magnet systems. The paper is focused on the analysis of electromagnetic transients. A methodological example of a(More)
A unified method is proposed for numerical simulation of magnet systems of complex configurations, which contain permanent magnets and electric currents. The method is based on the use of a reduced scalar magnetic potential (the "T-Omega" method). Numerical simulations with the computer code KOMPOT allow magnetostatic analysis of precision magnet systems(More)
Ion-optical calculations are often performed as a first step when designing magnetic systems. As a second step Monte-Carlo simulations are performed of EVaporation Residue (EVR) trajectories through the separator, varying parameters like target thickness, gas pressure and magnet field. Such a program is very useful to optimize all system parameters and to(More)
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