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Review of the literature shows no report of hibernoma of the thigh extending into the pelvis. Herein we report a case of hibernoma which appeared on CT and MR as a well-defined pelvic mass with contrast enhancement extending through the obturator foramen into the thigh. Fat was demonstrated by CT, whereas MR, using multiplanar sections, better analyzes the(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES To summarize the chemical synthesis, physicochemical characterization, pharmacokinetic behavior, and biological evaluation of P743, a new macromolecular iodinated contrast medium. METHODS The synthesis and molecular modeling of the iodinated macromolecule P743 are described. The pharmacokinetic profile was established in rabbits(More)
We report two incide ntal observations of radiocontrast-induced sialadenitis which occurred in a patient with normal renal function and in another patient undergoing chronic haemodialysis. Our first observation consisted of parotid gland, enlargement noted 1 h after contrast injection and which presaged anaphy lactoid shock. In the second cast salivary(More)
We report a peculiar case of radiocontrast induced anaphylactoid shock following an intravenous pyelography, which was announced by an hyperacute bilateral parotid enlargement as the sole prodrome. From a review of the literature, two clinical presentation of iodide-induced sialadenitis are individualized according to their pathogenesis. In patients with(More)
Characterisation of an ovarian mass is of utmost importance in the preoperative evaluation of an ovarian neoplasm. It enables the surgeon to anticipate carcinoma of the ovary before the operation, so that adequate procedures are planned. Although, ultrasonography (US) remains the foremost imaging modality for screening patients with adnexal lesions,(More)
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