T. Miranda Lakshmi

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The success of online auctions has given buyers access to greater product diversity with potentially lower prices. It has provided sellers with access to large numbers of potential buyers and reduced transaction costs by enabling auctions to take place without regard to time or place. However it is difficult to spend more time period with system and closely(More)
Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) provides strong decision making in domains where selection of best alternative is highly complex. This survey paper reviews the main streams of consideration in multi criteria decision making theory and practice in detail. The main purpose is to identify various applications and the approaches, and to suggest approaches(More)
Many Qualitative Bankruptcy Prediction models are available. These models use non-financial information as Qualitative factors to predict Bankruptcy. In the prior researches Genetic Algorithm was applied to generate Qualitative Bankruptcy Prediction Rules. However this Model uses only very less number of Qualitative factors and the generated rules has(More)
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