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Silencing of gene expression by methylation of CpG islands in regulatory elements is frequently observed in cancer. However, an influence of the most common oncogenic signalling pathways onto DNA methylation has not yet been investigated thoroughly. To address this issue, we identified genes suppressed in HRAS-transformed rat fibroblasts but upregulated(More)
TRAIL/Apo-2L has shown promise as an anti-glioma drug, based on investigations of TRAIL sensitivity in established glioma cell lines, but it is not known how accurately TRAIL signalling pathways of glioma cells in vivo are reproduced in these cell lines in vitro. To replicate as closely as possible the in vivo behaviour of malignant glioma cells, 17 early(More)
In a genome-wide screen using differential methylation hybridization (DMH), we have identified a CpG island within the 5′ region and untranslated first exon of the secretory granule neuroendocrine protein 1 gene (SGNE1/7B2) that showed hypermethylation in medulloblastomas compared to fetal cerebellum. Bisulfite sequencing and combined bisulfite restriction(More)
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