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11 HASSID and ABRAHAM, Chemical Procedures for Analysis of Polysaccharides, in: Methods of Enzymology, Vol . 3, Academic Press, New York 1957. 12 F. W. FALES, J. biol. Chemistry 193, 113 [1951] . 13 N. NELSON and M. SOMOGYI, as cited in Practical clinical B i o c h e m i s t r y , H . V A R L E Y , 4 t h e d i t i o n , W . HEINEMANN, Medical Book Ltd.,(More)
The pH dependence of the receptor potential (ReP) of isolated layers of photoreceptor cells from the hermit crab compound eye (Eupagurus bernhardus L.) was determined. Measurements were performed, using extracellular electrodes, in the range pH 3.5 —9.5 in three different buffer systems: Tris, glycine, and phosphate. The amplitude of the ReP was highest at(More)
The exchange (release resp. uptake) of K+, Rb+, and Na+ ions in the isolated retina of the crayfish Astacus leptodactylus with the surrounding medium was measured using flame photometry and radioisotopic techniques. 1. The net release of K+ into a Na+ and K+ free, choline containing medium, as measured by means of flame photometry, is increased by(More)
Receptor potential, tetrodotoxine, veratridine, TEA, photoreceptor cell, Crustacea The effect of three drugs on the receptor potential (ReP) of the crayfish retina measured with external electrodes was tested. 1. Tetrodotoxin (TTX) (1 • 1CT6 g/ml and 1 • 10-5 g/ml) showed only slight effects on the receptor potential (Table I and II). 2. Veratridine (VERA)(More)
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