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In this paper, a measurement method for electrical characterization of different materials (especially for rubber mixture sheets) is proposed. The measurement method is based on a coaxial probe method and uses 3D electromagnetic simulation for determining the electrical parameters of materials. To simplify the measurement process, a numerical algorithm was(More)
Integrated active sensors for near-field scanning of printed circuit boards (PCB) as well as large scale integrated (LSI) circuits have been designed in OMMIC ED02AH GaAs technology. Our frequency target ranges from 1MHz to 3 GHz and is planned to extend up to 10 GHz. Electromagnetic (EM) field simulation results as well as on-wafer measurement results are(More)
In this paper, a design process for embedded UHF RFID tags for rubber transmission belts, based on a 3D simulation approach is presented. The usefulness of this approach is evaluated by a comparison of the simulated read range of the tag model and the measured read range of the fabricated prototype tag. Additionally, various RFID tag structures were(More)
In this paper, the design process for obtaining an optimized UHF RFID tag for a rubber belt based on its 3D electrical model is presented. Furthermore, the performance of the simulated and fabricated UHF RFID tag design in terms of read range was evaluated and the comparison shows a good correlation. By following the similar design process, an optimized tag(More)
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