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A novel approach for energy–aware management of sensor networks that maximizes the life of the sensors while maintaining desired quality of service attributes related to sensed data delivery is presented. This approach is to dynamically set routes and arbitrate medium access to minimize energy consumption and maximize sensor life. It presents a brief(More)
The term " fusion " generally literally means to embed something in some cover field. In the proposed work we are going to hide text data using hash based functionality by finding the non area of interest (NAOI) in the speech signals. We are going to use .wav file format for speech signals which is to be processed for fusion data into that image. Data is(More)
Wireless sensor networks are a new type of networked systems, characterized by severely constrained computational and energy resources, and an ad hoc operational environment. Wireless sensor networks(WSNs) have been increasingly available for large-scale applications in which energy efficiency & security is an important performance measure. Driven by(More)
— In this paper, an effort has been made to examine and compare the performance of the reactive and proactive ad-hoc routing protocols by employing OPNET Simulator according to increasing number of failed nodes in the network. In current study, a comparison of reactive routing protocols such as Distance Vector Routing (DSR), Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector(More)
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