T M Shallcross

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The gastric IgA response to Helicobacter pylori was examined in 100 dyspeptic patients by means of immunoblotting of supernatants from antral biopsy and gastric mononuclear cell cultures. 76 of 78 patients with chronic gastritis, 2 of 8 with reactive gastritis, and 1 of 14 subjects with normal mucosa showed positive responses. Of patients with chronic(More)
Duodenal biopsy specimens from 471 adults and 47 children were examined to determine the prevalence and distribution of gastric epithelium in the duodenal bulb in relation to age, gender, gastroduodenal inflammation, smoking, alcohol and consumption of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID). Gastric metaplasia was present in the anterior wall duodenal(More)
Owing to limited endoscopy resources, various screening strategies for endoscopy have been proposed. Helicobacter pylori can be detected with high sensitivity and specificity by serology, and therefore we assessed the effects on diagnostic accuracy and endoscopic workload of a policy of screening clinic patients with dyspepsia before endoscopy by a strategy(More)
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