T. M. Rettberg

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The speciation of inorganic chromium in environmental samples is required for accurate assessment of pollution levels. Of the two chromium oxidation states, Cr (VI) is a known carcinogen, while Cr (III) is an essential element. Total chromium measurement cannot be used to determine actual environmental impact due to the considerable difference in toxicity(More)
Spherical microphone arrays have been widely studied for acoustic scene analysis and beamforming. Spatial sound field analysis typically requires two distinct steps: A calibration stage equalizes spatio-temporal deviations of the microphones. Then a decoupling stage extracts orthogonal spatial components of the wave field. For spherical microphone arrays,(More)
Concert sound reinforcement systems aim at the reproduction of homogeneous sound fields over extended audiences for the whole audio bandwidth. For the last two decades this has been mostly approached by using so called line source arrays for which Wavefront Sculpture Technology (WST) was introduced in the literature. This paper utilizes a signal processing(More)
Chemical modification techniques are widely used in graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry (GFAAS). Palladium is a very effective chemical modifier and can be used to stabilize many elements to several hundred degrees higher than the temperatures possible with current methods [1-9]. Of the elements tested, the greatest temperature shifts are(More)
In this paper, we present a modular multi-threaded software framework for real-time adaptive MIMO signal processing. It is planned to release it as an open source project for other developers to collaborate on. Introduction Multichannel audio acquisition and reproduction techniques offer spatial selectivity and diversity as additional degrees of freedom(More)
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