T. M. Rao

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We propose the use of a new design-first approach called Problem Stereotypes and Solution Frameworks, for teaching CS1 and CS2. A problem stereotype is a category of problems that can be solved using similar techniques. A solution framework is a typical solution to a problem, parts of which can be reused to solve other problems of this stereotype. Students(More)
Writing puzzle-solving and game-playing programs can generate excitement in students. Such programs are usually assigned as projects in an AI course. These are major software projects expected to be completed by students who usually have had no prior instruction in SE concepts. Often, these are required to be implemented in languages and paradigms in which(More)
BACKGROUND Acute leukemias are characterized by neoplastic proliferation of hematopoietic stem cells and accumulation of blasts and immature cells in bone marrow. We applied a selective panel of immunohistochemical markers on bone marrow trephine tissue sections and observed their utility in diagnosis and typing of acute leukemia. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)