T M Eads

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We have studied submicrosecond and microsecond rotational motions within the contractile protein myosin by observing the time-resolved anisotropy of both absorption and emission from the long-lived triplet state of eosin-5-iodoacetamide covalently bound to a specific site on the myosin head. These results, reporting anisotropy data up to 50 microseconds(More)
We have measured the rotational motion of myosin heads in synthetic thick filaments at 4 degrees C in the time range from 10(-7) to 10(-4) seconds, by measuring transient absorption anisotropy of an eosin probe attached to a reactive sulfhydryl on the myosin head. Under conditions that result in monomeric myosin (500 mM ionic strength), the anisotropy decay(More)
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