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Reverse logistics, which is the management or return flow due to product recovery, goods return, or overstock, form a closed-loop supply chain. The success of the closed-loop supply chain depends on actions of both manufacturers and customers. Now, manufacturers require producing products which are easy for disassembly, reuse and remanufacturing owing to(More)
This paper deals with the optimization of vehicle routing problem in which multiple depots, multiple customers, and multiple products are considered. Since the total traveling time is not always restrictive as a time window constraint, the objective regarded in this paper comprises not only the cost due to the total traveling distance, but also the cost due(More)
Today, enterprises are under pressure to improve process performance while still remaining customer oriented. The problem of workflow and process quality is a very important issue in supply chain management. Successful improvement of the logistics process has to be viewed as one way of making improvements to the integrated supply chain network. This article(More)