T M Blacking

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The cancer stem cell (CSC) hypothesis proposes that tumour growth is maintained by a distinct subpopulation of 'CSC'. This study applied flow cytometric methods, reported to detect CSC in both primary and cultured cancer cells of other species, to identify candidate canine subpopulations. Cell lines representing diverse canine malignancies, and cells(More)
BACKGROUND The cancer stem cell hypothesis proposes that tumours are maintained by a population of cancer stem cells (CSC), which must be eradicated to prevent disease relapse after treatment. Cells expressing high levels of CD44 have been identified as candidate CSC in a variety of human tumours. This study sought to investigate CD44 expression and its(More)
Cancer stem cells were identified in a feline mammary carcinoma cell line by demonstrating expression of CD133 and utilising the tumour sphere assay. A population of cells was identified that had an invasive, mesenchymal phenotype, expressed markers of pluripotency and enhanced tumour formation in the NOD-SCID mouse and chick embryo models. This population(More)
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