T. M. Benson

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Within the framework of the recently proposed approach to view the lasing in open microcavities as a linear eigenproblem for the Maxwell equations with exact boundary and radiation conditions, we study the correspondence between the modal thresholds and field overlap coefficients. Macroscopic gain is introduced into the cavity material within the active(More)
An electromagnetic analysis of thin-disk semiconductor resonators with uniform and nonuniform gain regions is presented. A "cold-cavity-with-gain" Maxwellian formulation, including accurate boundary and radiation conditions, is considered as an eigenvalue problem, for the real-valued parameters of frequency and threshold material gain. Although the(More)
An alternating direction implicit (ADI), scheme for the wide-angle finite-difference beam propagation method (FD-BPM) based on the wide angled Pade multistep method is presented. The scheme incorporates an iterative technique for correction of the operator splitting error. The resulting equations are efficiently solved by the Thomas algorithm for(More)
An accurate and flexible three-dimensional Volterra Time Domain Integral Equation (TDIE) algorithm is presented and implemented here to model the time-dependent electromagnetic field of arbitrarily shaped dielectric bodies. This development is motivated by the need for a modern high-resolution numerical tool that is capable of providing a full and(More)
Transmission-line modeling (TLM) is an established numerical simulation method for electromagnetics that has been employed in a wide variety of application areas. To date, TLM has been formulated primarily for structured (usually Cartesian) meshes. This paper presents and illustrates the application of a new TLM algorithm suitable for use with unstructured(More)
Results from detailed numerical analyses of the modal characteristics of large-cross-section silicon-on-insulator-based rib waveguides are presented. They highlight for the first time that satisfying widely used design criteria is not sufficient to ensure single-mode behavior. In particular, the geometries that the design formulas predict should be(More)
This paper presents a transmission-line modeling (TLM) algorithm, which is based upon unstructured tetrahedral meshes. In comparison with the conventional, usually Cartesian, scheme, the use of such meshes provides a significant enhancement in the flexibility and accuracy of the TLM simulations, permitting both smooth boundary approximations and the use of(More)
This paper considers the scattering of an H-polarized plane wave by a freestanding periodic grating that contains two circular cylinders on each period, one made of silver and the other of dielectric. If such a grating is made of deeply subwavelength wires, the reflection and transmission coefficients demonstrate both plasmon and grating resonances. To(More)
The lasing characteristics of a photonic molecule in the form of two optically coupled semiconductor microdisks are investigated. Electromagnetic analysis of the lasing spectra and linear thresholds of the coupled whispering-gallery (WG) modes of four different symmetry classes is presented. Here, Maxwell's equations and accurate boundary and radiation(More)
Abstract—The scattering of an arbitrary electromagnetic wave by a thin disk located in free space is formulated rigorously in terms of coupled dual integral equations (CDIEs) for the unknown images of the jumps and average values of the normal to the disk scattered-field components. Considered are three cases of the disk: (1) Zero-thickness perfectly(More)