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Fracture of the distal radius has a second peak of incidence in the second half of life. Because complex injuries are seen frequently, there is a need for differentiated treatment to achieve good results. The aim of our study was to evaluate the treatment of distal radius fractures with 2.4-mm locking compression (LC) plates in patients older than 65 years(More)
Isolated human bronchi and rat tracheae were incubated in organ baths to measure histamine release. The calcium ionophore A23187, 3 micromol/L in rat trachea and 10 micromol/L in human bronchi, stimulated histamine release by 145 +/- 50% (n = 6) and 270 +/- 48% (n = 7) above the prestimulation level, respectively. Acetylcholine (100 pmol/L; human bronchi)(More)
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