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The morpholoqical appearance of 40 bovine blastocysts. collected from single ovulating heifers 7 days after oestrus was evaluated with the aid of a phase contrast inverted microscope. Out of 40 blastocysts, 17 were classified normal (N), 14 in the process of degeneration (IPD) and 9 degenerated (D). There was no difference in the mean diameters of the three(More)
The early development of embryos collected from repeat breeder heifers after slaughter was studied using different methods; morphological appearance, number of cells and features in semithin sections of Epon embedded material. Embryos collected from virgin heifers were used as controls. The incidence of abnormal embryos was higher in the repeat breeder than(More)
A total of 55 non-surgical collections, 7 days after spontaneous heat, was made in 19 heifers. Recovery rate was 57% (17/30) from 10 repeat breeder heifers and 72% (18/25) from 9 virgin heifers, this difference was not significant. Fertilization rate in both groups was 94%. The eggs were always recovered in the first 100 ml of flushing medium. Mean lengths(More)
Twenty-five dairy heifers, 11 repeat breeder and 14 virgin heifers, were used. Blood samples were taken twice a day (9 a.m. and 3 p.m.) from day of A.I. to 7 days later when embryo collection was made. One series of blood samples were taken from 16 heifers and two and three, respectively, from 6 and 3 heifers. Analysis of progesterone was performed by(More)