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We propose a method to detect and track multiple moving biological spot-like particles showing different kinds of dynamics in image sequences acquired through multidimensional fluorescence microscopy. It enables the extraction and analysis of information such as number, position, speed, movement, and diffusion phases of, e.g., endosomal particles. The(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of two doses of vardenafil hydrochloride on penile rigidity and tumescence while determining the pharmacokinetics. METHODS Twenty-one patients with erectile dysfunction completed three oral single-dose regimens (placebo, 20 and 40 mg vardenafil) in a randomized, placebo-controlled, 3-way cross-over study. Penile rigidity(More)
Over the last few years cytological investigations of bladder lavage have gained ever-increasing importance in the diagnosis and follow-up of bladder tumors. Flow cytometric DNA analysis is searching for more objective ways to characterize tumor tissue beyond its morphological differentiation. Since the end of 1987 more than 400 bladder lavages have been(More)
BACKGROUND The course of patients suffering from renal cell carcinoma varies considerably and cannot be predicted by tumor stage and grade alone. However, it is crucial to select patients with high risk of progression and to commence adjuvant immuno-chemotherapy in good time. MATERIALS AND METHODS Multiple samples of 71 kidney tumors were studied by DNA(More)
This thesis is devoted to the study of coherent storage of quantum information as well as its potential applications. Quantum memories are crucial to harnessing the potential of quantum physics for information processing tasks. They are required for almost all quantum computation proposals. However, despite the large arsenal of theoretical techniques and(More)
OBJECTIVES Consideration of the approach to the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma and the criteria needed for an assessment of prognosis. MAJOR POINTS Thanks to the comprehensive use of ultrasonography and abdominal CT, asymptomatic renal cell carcinomas confined within the renal capsule are now more often being discovered and(More)
Zusammenfassung Während die Blasenekstrophie keine sehr seltene Fehlbildung ist, sind die Variationen der Minimalformen äußerst ungewöhnlich und werden deshalb gelegentlich auch nicht erkannt. Prinzipiell werden 4 Formen der Ekstrophievarianten unterschieden: Die Pseudoekstrophie, die gedoppelte Ekstrophie, die obere vesikale Fissur oder obere Blasenspalte(More)
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