T Lemkecher

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Leukocytospermia is frequent and significantly increased (over 10(6)/ml) in 20% of male factor infertility. It induces the production of highly toxic reactive oxygen species (ROS) which impair genital track accessory glands and sperm cell functions. The seminal medium contains extremely potent antioxidative defenses which usually balance the oxidative(More)
AIM AND METHODS The aim of this prospective, randomized, study performed in 60 outpatients was to compare 2 precolonoscopy bowel preparations: oral sodium phosphate (NaP) versus standard polyethylene glycol-based lavage solution (PEG). None of the patients met any of NaP exclusion criteria. All patients were prepared on the day prior to colonoscopy. A(More)
BACKGROUND Alpha6beta1 integrin has been proposed to act as a sperm receptor on the mouse oocyte by interacting with spermatozoon fertilin beta. We investigated, in humans, whether oocyte integrins could act similarly in gamete fusion, using a cyclic peptide containing the putative disintegrin-binding domain of human fertilin beta [cyclic FEE (cFEE)] and(More)
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