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Previous studies in our laboratory demonstrated messenger RNA for bone morphogenetic protein-2a in human calcified plaque, suggesting that arterial calcification is a regulated process, similar to osteogenesis. To further test this hypothesis, we have isolated and cloned a subpopulation of cells from bovine aortic media that show osteoblastic potential.(More)
Previous studies have indicated that saturable, Na+-bile acid coupled transport is absent in the ileum throughout most of the suckling period and that the maturation of ileal bile acid uptake which occurs during weaning results primarily through an increase in functional bile acid carriers within the ileal brush border membrane. This study was undertaken in(More)
Adult female Sprague-Dawley rats were fed isocaloric semipurified diets containing a high content of either polyunsaturated (P) or saturated (S) fatty acids; these diets were nutritionally adequate, providing for all known essential nutrient requirements. On day 3 after beginning S or P, one group of animals was exposed to a single 6-Gy dose of abdominal(More)
Radiotherapy continues to enjoy a prominent role in the treatment of certain human tumors. Unfortunately, the undesired effect of radiation upon normal intestinal tissue often limits its therapeutic potential. While there is abundant information on the effects of radiation on the morphology of the intestine and on the proliferative process which occurs in(More)
Previous studies have demonstrated that abdominal irradiation alters intestinal uptake of nutrients. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of an orally administered synthetic prostaglandin E2, enprostil, given on three occasions shortly prior to a single exposure to 600 cGy external abdominal irradiation, on intestinal active and passive(More)
Omega-3 fatty acids ('fish oil') reduce the intestinal absorption of glucose and lipids in normal and in diabetic rats, but their effect is altered by the presence of saturated or poly-unsaturated omega-6 fatty acids in the diet. This study was undertaken to test the hypothesis that the influence of fish oil on the intestinal uptake of nutrients in diabetic(More)
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