T. Laine

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AIM Risk of psychosis is defined by the presence of positive psychotic-like symptoms, by subtle self-perceived cognitive and perceptual deficiencies, or by decreased functioning with familial risk of psychosis. We studied the associations of psychiatric outpatients' self-reported functioning and interpersonal relationships with vulnerability to and risk of(More)
BACKGROUND Therapeutic approaches to preserve fertility in females undergoing cancer treatments are currently ineffective. This is partly due to limited knowledge of the molecular mechanisms that injured germ cells elicit to repair damage and survive or to abort repair and activate biochemical pathways leading to death. So far, we know that following(More)
Bibliometric maps of science are a well-established research subject. But their adoption as a science policy support tool is lacking. We think this is because the user does not immediately comprehend a map and (as a result) is not enticed into using it. To help this comprehension, we propose the use of " qualitative maps " : an umbrella term for diverse(More)
BACKGROUND Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue has been widely accepted as an option for fertility preservation among cancer patients. Some patients are exposed to chemotherapy prior to ovarian tissue cryopreservation. Consequently, assessment of the developmental capacity of human ovarian tissue after chemotherapy is of primary importance. MATERIALS In(More)
The suboccipital fossa approach to the fundus of the internal auditory canal (IAC) at acoustic neurinoma surgery was investigated in 32 temporal bones. A microdissection was done under the operating microscope in a specially constructed holder so that the surgeon's exposure and angles of view through the craniotomy were mimicked. It was possible to obtain(More)
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