T. Lahtinen

J. Risteli1
M. Tenhunen1
K. Salorinne1
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The paper considers the intensity modulated radiation therapy (inverse) treatment planning. An approach to determine the trajectories of the leaves of the multileaf collimator (MLC) in order to produce the prescribed intensity distribution is developed. The paper concentrates on the multiple static delivery technique. A mathematical model for calculating(More)
Fibrosis is a common side-effect of radiation therapy. As a complex network of cytokines and other mediators plays a central role in the process leading to fibrosis, we used an in vivo method to measure skin collagen synthesis, taking into account the physiological conditions. We determined suction blister (i.e. interstitial) fluid concentrations of types I(More)
The title compound, C29H42N4O5·0.5H2O, comprises four structural units. A flexible prop-yloxy unit in a gauche conformation, with a -C(H2)-C(H2)-C(H2)-O- torsion angle of -64.32 (18)°, connects an isoxazole ring and an approximately planar phenyl-oxa-diazole ring system [with a maxixmum devation of 0.061 (2) Å], which are oriented almost parallel to one(More)
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