T. L. Trueman

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We show that, to a very good approximation, the ratio of the spin-flip to the nonflip parts of the elastic proton-nucleus amplitude is the same as for proton-nucleon scattering at very high energy. The result is used to do a realistic calculation of the analyzing power AN for pC scattering in the Coulomb-nuclear interference (CNI) region of momentum(More)
A set of procedures is given for avoiding the spurious anomalies that are generated when the ’t Hooft Veltman definition of γ5 is used in conjunction with renormalization by minimal subtraction. These procedures are derived from the standard procedure, which requires in addition various finite renormalizations to remove spurious violations of chiral(More)
The method described in my RHIC Spin Note (hep-ph/305085) is applied to recently reported data from RHIC experiments in order to obtain values for the spin-flip Regge couplings. The data comes from both 100 GeV/c proton elastic scattering on a carbon target and on the recently commissioned polarized hydrogen gas jet target. These couplings are used to(More)
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