T L Riley

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We studied 30 patients who were admitted to the hospital because of intractable seizures. Twenty-three had fewer seizures during one or both of the first 2 hospital weeks than before admission, although medication was not changed. The role of environment in seizure control is difficult to measure, but hospital admission itself is a form of environmental(More)
Two patients, aged 23 and 74 years, manifested prolonged episodes of mildly impaired consciousness in conjunction with rhythmical spike waves or spikes (mostly 3/s). This paroxysmal EEG activity was consistently accentuated unilaterally over the superior frontal regions. The first patient showed ictal aphasia and occasional right hemiparesis during these(More)
Myoclonus is a phenomenon which cuts through a considerable number of neurological conditions. It occurs in a variety of epileptic conditions (Primary generalized epilepsy, hypsarrhythmia, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, also known as "petit mal variant"), in inborn errors of metabolism (Tay-Sachs disease, forms of ceroid lipofuscinosis), in neurobiochemically(More)
As clinical aerospace neurologists we do not favor using screening EEG in pilot selection on unselected and otherwise asymptomatic individuals. The role of EEG in aviation screening should be as an adjunct to diagnosis, and the decision to disqualify a pilot should never be based solely on the EEG. Although a policy of using a screening EEG in an unselected(More)
The Leadership Strengths Indicator was administered to 42 boys and 47 girls, ranging in age from 10 to 15 years, who were identified as disadvantaged by their qualifications for the free or reduced lunch fee. The students' scores fell within the normal range of scores. A significant difference was found on Cluster scale III, High Level Participator in Group(More)