T. L. McCullough

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Emergency responders from the Department of Energy are trained regularly to assess the environmental consequences of a radiological or nuclear incident. While drills and exercises are highly effective tools in rehearsing for an emergency, the accidents at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants presented real-world complexities that are difficult or(More)
—We present a decision support system for spare parts management in a wafer fabrication facility. The system is based on an analytical stochastic inventory model, which calculates the reorder level and quantity for each part to attain a specified service level. Results from our simulation study indicate that the policies suggested by the system either(More)
The UK National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme invites men and women aged between 60 - 74 years old to be routinely screened every 2 years. A 90% caecal intubation rate or intubation of the terminal ileum is considered to be the best practice means of identifying completeness. This case report describes how terminal ileal intubation carried out during a(More)
In November, 1979, the CCITT Study Group XIV met to complete, among other items, several years of work on the Recommendations defining Group 3 digital facsimile. This paper reviews the results of this work in terms of technical implication, terminal features, and facsimile services. In particular, CCITT Recommendations T.4 and T.30 are discussed. (These(More)
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