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Adjuvant arthritis was induced in male rats by injecting bacillus Calmette-Guèrin in mineral oil in a hindpaw. A decrease in bone density, calcium and phosphorus content due to polyarthritis was found in the tibia of the noninjected hind leg. Arthritic rats demonstrated serum 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D deficiency along with constant level of 25-hydroxyvitamin(More)
Adenosylcobalamin-dependent glycerol dehydratase was shown to catalyze the conversion of both enantiomers of 1.2-propanediol. The kinetic constants for the dehydration reaction of (R)- and (S)-1.2-propanediol appear to be different. The enzyme preferentially binds 1.2-propanediol in the (S)-configuration; however, the rate of (S)-1,2-propanediol dehydration(More)
Distinct activation of lipid peroxidation, reduction in N-demethylation of dimethyl aniline and in NADPH-dependent electron transport chain were observed in liver microsomes of rabbits poisoned with phenyl hydrazine. Methylcobalamine and adenosyl-cobalamine, two coenzyme forms of vitamin B12, were firstly shown to serve as modulators of the monooxygenase(More)
The effect of low protein choline-deficient diet on total vitamin B12 content and individual cobalamin level in the blood serum and liver of rats was determined. Moreover the total and non-protein SH-group content and glutathione transferase activity in the liver of rats were studied. Total cobalamin content increased in the blood serum, but it did not(More)
The production of interleukin 1 (IL1) by peritoneal and splenic macrophages from rats with adjuvant-induced arthritis on day 17 postadjuvant treatment was not altered compared with normal. Treatment of arthritic rats with beta-carotene reduced hind paw swelling and significantly increased ability of macrophages to secrete IL1 as well as stimulated(More)
The search for new inhibitors of AdoCbl-dependent enzymes among the analogs of AdoCbl -one of the coenzyme forms of vitamin BI~. -is very urgent since it may lead not only to the interpretation of the structure of the active centers and the molecular mechanism of action of the enzymes indicated, but also to the production of potential medicinal agents of(More)
Cobamide-dependent glyceroldehydrase (GDH) is shown to have an absolute requirement in monovalent cations: K+, NH4+, Tl+, Rb+ and Cs+. Dependencies of initial dehydratation rates of three substrates: glycerol, ethyleneglycol and 1,2-propandiol on the concentration of K+ are studied. Km values for K+, NH4+ and Tl+ are calculated to be 7-10-3, 4-10-3 and(More)
Four cobalamines (methyl-, hydroxy-, adenosyl- and cyancobalamines) are considered as natural forms of vitamin B12 in human and animal tissues. Methyl- and adenosylcobalamines are the coenzymes of more than 10 enzymes, catalyzing important reactions of lipid, carbohydrate and protein metabolism. The four natural forms of vitamin B12 are interconverted in(More)
cytes, while its activity towards neutrophils increases considerably. It can be concluded that the catabolism of CRP in the focus of inflammation gives rise to products with new immunoregulatory properties. Free subunits can be regarded as endogenous pH-dependent immunoregulatory agents, which differ from native CRP in a greater selectivity towards(More)