T. L. Johnson

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The geologic storage (GS) of carbon dioxide (CO2) is emerging as an important tool for managing carbon. While this Journal recently published an excellent review of GS technology (Bruant, R. G.; Guswa, A. J.; Celia, M. A.; Peters, C. A. Environ. Sci. Technol. 2002, 36, 240A-245A), few studies have explored the regulatory environment for GS or have compared(More)
Deadlocks constitute an important issue to he addressed in the design and operation of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS's). In this paper, we show that prevention and avoidance of FMS deadlocks can he implemented using Petri net models. For deadlock prevention, we use the reachability graph of a Petri net model of the given FMS, whereas for deadlock(More)
The application of the self-tuning regulator concept to adap-quite encouraging, but they do not constitute either a tively control aircraft wing/store flutter instability is described. A simple complete flutter control design, or a thorough validation of design based on a reduced-order aircraft model has been successfully tested the preliminary design. It(More)
Railway signalling software and safety requirements are summarized, and three short examples of the application of new methods to the assurance of dependability are provided. The strengths and shortcomings of existing methods relative to application needs are illustrated. The analogy between railway signalling and other distribution processes in(More)
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