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The metabolic effects of high-carbohydrate (70%), high-fiber (70 g) (HCHF) and low-carbohydrate (39%), low-fiber (10 g) (LCLF) diets were examined for 10 subjects with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM). After a 1-wk control period subjects on a metabolic ward were randomly allocated to HCHF or LCLF diets for 4 wk. After a 6-wk washout period(More)
The effects of high-fiber (HF) and low-fiber (LF) meals on postprandial serum glucose, insulin, lipid, lipoprotein, and apolipoprotein concentrations of 10 hypercholesterolemic men were examined using a random-order, cross over design. HF and LF meals provided 15% of energy as protein, 40% as carbohydrate, and 45% as fat, 200 mg cholesterol/1,000 kcal, and(More)
Hypercholesterolemia is a significant risk factor for coronary heart disease, and the hypocholesterolemic effects of psyllium are well established. This placebo-controlled, parallel study compared psyllium with methylcellulose, calcium polycarbophil, and placebo as dietary adjuncts in treating mild to moderate hypercholesterolemia. Of 163 men and women(More)
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