T. L. Davydovskaya

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In acute experiments on rats anesthetized with urethane, features of the involvement of GABA in medullary cardiovascular control were studied. It was found that microinjections of GABA (10–8 or 10–10 M) into the medullary nuclei (paramedian reticular nucleus, PMn, lateral reticular nucleus, LRN, and nucl. ambiguous, AMB) were accompanied by the development(More)
Modulatory effects of protein A (PA) and peptidoglycan (PG) fromStaphylococcus aureus on the smooth muscle contractions elicited by neurotransmitters were studied. PA and PG were found to suppress the myometrium smooth muscle contractions elicited by acetylcholine applications. The effects of the substances on the contractions were due to non-competitive(More)
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