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A full-duplex radio-on-fiber system using a newly developed 60-GHz-band optical transceiver is investigated. We fabricated a 60-GHz-band two-radio-frequency (RF)-port electroabsorption transceiver (EAT) module, which is the first developed 60-GHz-band optical transceiver in the world. The EAT module has individual RF input and output ports, each with(More)
We will propose a dynamic reconfigurable wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) millimeter-waveband (mm-waveband) radio-over-fiber (RoF) access network and demonstrate, for the first time, a dynamic-channel-allocation capability of millimeter-waveband optical RoF signals in WDM access network using a supercontinuum light source, arrayed-waveguide gratings,(More)
To overcome the scarcity of available radio frequency (RF) resource, ultra-wideband (UWB) attracts its attention as one of next generation high-speed radio communication technologies because UWB systems can share the RF band with existing conventional narrowband radio systems. If such UWB signal can be delivered through optical networks without distance(More)
We propose a millimeter-wave (MMW) coherent radio-over-fiber (RoF) transmission system for application to an access network with a direct broadband last-mile wireless connection to an optical fiber network. The coherent RoF system comprises an optical two-tone RoF signal generator with an advanced modulation format for high-throughput transmission and(More)
We propose a simple demultiplexer for dense wavelength-division-multiplexed (DWDM) milllimeter-wave-band radio-over-fiber (RoF) systems that uses an optical-frequency-interleaving technique, which consists of only a 2 x N arrayed waveguide grating with an optical coupler. In the proposed demultiplexer, a suppression ratio of more than 25 dB against adjacent(More)
We demonstrated W-band RoF signal generation with high-extinction-ratio optical modulation. Frequency quadruple technique with optical band elimination filter realizes frequency-stabilized W-band two-tone optical signal generation and its separation by AWG.
Ground-to-satellite laser communication experiments between the optical ground station located in Koganei, central Tokyo, and a low earth orbit (LEO) satellite were jointly performed by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. In 18 trials during three non-consecutive months, the(More)
We demonstrate 300-GHz-band radio transmission with a digital coherent detection technique. Quadrature-phaseshift-keying modulation can provide a data rate of 29.9 Gb/s, with 7% forward error correction overhead. A frequency-locked optical frequency comb for a 300-GHz radio-over-fiber signal can be generated by a recirculating frequency shifter with a(More)
We propose a simple method for fully utilizing optical bandwidth of DWDM millimeter-wave fiber-radio systems by optical frequency interleaving. Preliminary experiment with the channel separation of only 10 GHz showed the interchannel-crosstalk induced power penalty of 2.7 dB.
Full-duplex, 156 Mbit/s, 60 GHz-band millimeter-wave fiber-radio signal transmission over 25 km-long fiber is experimentally demonstrated for the first time by using single two-RF-port EAT. The approach to single-EAT-BS will become a powerful candidate for fiber-radio access systems.