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This article describes two gravid patients who presented with first-trimester sialorrhea and hyperemesis. Although excessive salivation, especially when accompanied by protracted nausea and vomiting, is an unusual occurrence, it can have serious consequences for both the mother and fetus when left untreated. Initially, phenothiazine was prescribed and later(More)
BACKGROUND Hypertension affects about 1/3 of adults worldwide, ~3.8 million in Taiwan, 160 million in China, and 1 billion worldwide. It is a major risk factor leading to stroke, cardiovascular disease, and end-stage renal disease. In each year, more than 13.5 million deaths are due to hypertension-related diseases worldwide. METHODS We performed a(More)
This article presents two cases of spontaneous green breast secretions of parous nonpuerperal patients. To understand the nature of these secretions, bacterial evaluations and subsequent treatment were undertaken. Case 1 culture and sensitivity studies from breast secretions were commenced within 24 hours yielding an isolate identified as Staphylococcus(More)
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