T Kuniyoshi

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We determined the effect of a centrally administered V1 receptor antagonist of arginine vasopressin on the brain water content in an animal model of vasogenic brain edema. Using adult rats, a cold injury was induced in the left hemisphere of the brain by applying a frozen copper rod. 50 ng of V1 receptor antagonist was administered into the left lateral(More)
It has been reported that after 40 minutes of stimulation of the medullary reticular formation (MORF), widespread significant increase by 1.4% to 2.8% in brain water content occurs in white matter of the injured hemisphere. Recent studies indicate that centrally released arginine vasopressin (AVP) influences water permeability of the brain in both normal(More)
Forty patients with severe head injury were classified on the basis of initial CT findings into 2 groups of focal injury (n = 20, mean age = 55.2 years), and diffuse injury (n = 20, mean age = 45.0 years). Glasgow Outcome Scale (GOS) status at 2 post-injury intervals (at discharge and 1 year after injury) of the 2 groups were compared and prognostic factors(More)
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