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BACKGROUND Receptors for advanced glycation endproducts (AGE-R) mediate AGE turnover, but can also trigger inflammatory genes that promote diabetic tissue injury and diabetic complications (DC). High AGE levels and reduced AGE-R sites in kidneys of NOD mice prone to type 1 diabetes (T1D) and to renal disease (RD) suggested that impaired AGE-R function may(More)
There is a well-documented negative correlation between plasma concentrations of high-density lipoproteins (H.D.L.) and risk of clinically evident atherosclerosis. This may relate to the postulated role of H.D.L. in the transport of cholesterol out of cells. Studies of the metabolism of lipoproteins by arterial smooth-muscle cells suggest that a second(More)
OBJECTIVE We have examined whether rapid changes in blood glucose (BG) result in clinically relevant differences between capillary BG values measured at the forearm and the fingertip and whether local rubbing of the skin before blood sampling can diminish such differences. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Capillary BG samples were collected every 15 min for(More)
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