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with an artificial reaction term cu where c ∼ 1/∆t. We consider stabilized conforming finite element (FE) schemes with equal-order interpolation of velocity/pressure for problem (3)–(4) with emphasis on anisotropic mesh refinement in boundary layers. The classical streamline upwind and pressure stabilization (SUPG/PSPG) techniques for the incompressible(More)
A framework for solving the nonisothermal URANS equations with emphasis on applications to thermal building simulation is prescribed in this paper. Different domain decomposition techniques are used (i) for the treatment of boundary layers, (ii) for the efficient solution of the arising linear subproblems, and (iii) for coupling the indoor air flow field(More)
In magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), methods that use a non-Cartesian, e.g. spiral, grid in k-space are becoming increasingly important. This talk focuses on a recently proposed implicit discretisation scheme which generalises the standard approach based on gridding. While the latter succeeds for sufficiently uniform sampling sets and accurate estimated(More)
Classic biped walking controllers assume a perfectly flat, rigid surface on which the robot walks. While walking over unknown terrain, robots need to sense and estimate the ground location. Errors in this estimation result in an unexpected early or late ground contact of the swing foot. In this paper, we analyze how these errors affect walking stability.(More)
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