1A. Demuer
1A. Polle
1W. Hardy
1B. Michon
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The development and patterning of the Drosophila wing relies on interactions between cell populations that have the anteroposterior (AP) axis and dorsoventral (DV) axis of the wing imaginal disc as frames of reference [1-3]. Each of these cell populations gives rise to a compartment - a group of cells that have their fates restricted by cell lineage -(More)
The recent discovery of a charge order in underdoped YBa2Cu3Oy raised the question of the interplay between superconductivity and this competing phase. Understanding the normal state of high-temperature superconductors is now an essential step towards the description of the pairing mechanism in those materials and determining the upper critical field is(More)
— This paper summarizes the energy efficiency improvement obtained by implementing a number of techniques in the core network investigated by the GreenTouch consortium. These techniques include the use of improved components with lower power consumption, mixed line rates (MLR), energy efficient routing, sleep and physical topology optimization. We consider(More)
Populus euphratica is a salt tolerant species, and Populus × canescens is a salt sensitive species. Because stress tolerance is mediated by an array of overlapping defense mechanisms, we hypothesized that P. euphratica would confer co-tolerance to heavy metal stress. To test this hypothesis, both poplar species were exposed to 50 μM Cd for 24 h in(More)
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