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INTRODUCTION In a recent issue of Global Ecology and Biogeo-graphy , Pearson & Dawson (2003) provided an informative review of the use of bioclimate envelope models (BEM) for predicting future distributional ranges of temperate plant species under expected global climate change. The authors discuss several criticisms of the BEM approach and they conclude(More)
The significance of tightening abutment screws and gold cylinders to osseointegrated fixtures with the correct torque is demonstrated, and a simple relationship between applied torque and screw preload is derived by use of mechanical engineering principles. The principles of a number of tightening methods are outlined and assessments made of their accuracy.(More)
Large axially-symmetric ground-based dual-reflector antennas are used in a variety of applications simultaneously requiring very high gain and very low noise (e.g., satellite communications, radio astronomy, deep-space communications, and radar). In these systems, reducing the noise by 10% is equivalent to increasing the antenna gain by roughly 0.5 dB.(More)
This paper presents two experimental studies that deal with the spatial and temporal distribution of pollen grains within a room of a domestic dwelling. The findings concur with the preliminary work of Morgan et al. [1] and provide greater detail as to the behaviour of pollen grains within indoor locations that are pertinent for forensic investigations. The(More)
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