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In situ incubation chamber measurements of benthic nutrient recycling rates were made on the Monterey Bay shelf at 100 m during various years and seasons. Variability in nutrient (Si, PO 4 2+ , NH 3 , NO 3 À) and trace metal (Mn, Fe (II), Cu) fluxes correlate with variability in the amount of organic carbon oxidized on the sea floor. Patterns of primary(More)
− − − − This paper will focus on the co-adaptation of a group of humans and an intelligent system which acts as a disc jockey. The intelligent system selects and delivers background music in a workplace environment. The humans provide limited feedback about their preferences, and the intelligent system attempts to minimize the number of unacceptable choices(More)
The flux of manganese from continental margin sediments to the ocean was measured with a free-vehicle, benthic flux chamber in a transect across the continental shelf and upper slope of the California margin. The highest fluxes were observed on the shallow continental shelf. Manganese flux decreased linearly with bottom water oxygen concentration, and the(More)
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