T. Kenealy

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A set of spontaneous hunger sensations, Initial Hunger (IH), has been associated with low blood glucose concentration (BG). These sensations may arise pre-meal or can be elicited by delaying a meal. With self-measurement of BG, subjects can be trained to formally identify and remember these sensations (Hunger Recognition). Subjects can then be trained to(More)
Chronic disease management represents one of the challenges for health informatics and demands the appropriate application of information technology for improved patient care. This paper presents an approach to quality assurance reporting wherein the recommendations of evidence-based clinical practice guidelines are considered in the context of empirical(More)
Using a patient management ontology developed on Semantic Web technologies, we have provided a framework and workbench to identify hypertensive patients with inadequate systolic blood pressure (SBP) control. We have populated our ontology with production electronic medical record data from a general medical practice in New Zealand. Medication Possession(More)
This paper illustrates an iterative, data-mining based approach to create a set of specific criteria (or quality indicators) for quality audit reporting from Patient Management System (PMS) data in the context of hypertension management. It represents an initial phase of research towards developing an architecture that can be used to easily specify various(More)
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