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Nucleolar organizer region-associated proteins are argyrophilic and may be visualized by silver stains. This study is a prospective analysis of the AgNOR counts in a range of breast lesions seen in fine needle aspiration (FNA) smears. A total of 72 cases including ductal carcinomas (n = 24), fibrocystic change (n = 24), fibroadenoma (n = 16), proliferative(More)
The fine needle aspiration cytologic findings of a subcutaneous metastasis from a malignant Brenner tumor of the ovary are described. Polygonal cells in clusters and single cells with fine cytoplasmic elongations, moderately pleomorphic nuclei having granular chromatin and multinucleate cells, occasional but prominent grooving of nuclei and many mitotic(More)
This is a retrospective study to examine the role of AgNOR in differentiating thyroid follicular carcinoma and adenoma preoperatively on fine-needle aspiration (FNA) smears. Nineteen histopathology-proven cases of follicular adenoma and carcinoma were selected for this study. May-Grünwald-Giemsa-stained smears were destined and AgNOR staining technique was(More)
Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of 25 cases of accessory axillary breast tissue was performed during a five-year period. The patients were referred to the cytology clinic with clinical diagnoses of axillary lymphadenopathy (16), accessory breasts (5) and lipomas (4). FNAC revealed accessory breasts in 17 cases, fibroadenoma in 7 and fibrocystic(More)
Serum protein electrophoresis done on 1100 patients with various diseases in one year demonstrated M-band in 31 patients. Most (87%) had the classical features of plasma cell dyscrasia (PCD), however a few had unusual presentations which are highlighted. A 22-year-old male operated for a massive tumour of the scapula clinically diagnosed as chondrosarcoma(More)
This study evaluated the efficacy of fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) in 80 suspected cases of recurrent and metastatic gynecologic malignancies. RNAB was performed at 90 sites in 80 patients; 42 of the sites were deep seated. The cytologic diagnosis correlated well with either histology (7 cases) or clinical follow-up. FNAB diagnosis of deep-seated(More)
Fine-needle aspiration cytology and clinical presentations of 16 cases of plasma cell dyscrasias (PCD) have been studied in a period of 6 yr. There were seven cases of solitary plasmacytomas of bones, two cases of extramedullary plasmacytomas, and seven cases of multiple myelomas. Differential counts of mature and immature plasma cells along with presence(More)